treehugginhippieloadofbullmanureLately I’ve been seeing lots of cars with bumper stickers reading Coexist. 

The word is written with symbols that represent a diverse realm of belief systems.  The Star and Crescent represent Islam. The Peace Symbol represents Pacifism. The E for marriage equality. The Star of David for Judaism. The I topped with a Pentagram for Paganism. The Yin-Yang for Taoism. And of course, The Cross represents Christianity.

Taking a step back and studying this concept reveals how truly ignorant it is.

First off, Islam states that Jews, Gays, and Christians should be killed. Also according to Islam, Pacifists, Pagans, Taoists, and every other religion or belief system must convert or die.  Pacifists are accustomed to peaceful protests so they don’t stand a chance against those who want to kill them. Homosexuality is detestable to nearly all religions which makes it incompatible with Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.  Judaism has always had and always will have opposition from every corner of the world; be it Nazism, Islam, or ancient kings trying to conquer Old Testament Israel. Pacifism will almost always support Islam over Judaism.  Paganism and Taoism are statistically insignificant but are needed to complete the sticker.

Christianity is the main target. Though it opposes all of the others, it harms none of them.

In short, believing that we can all “coexist” is complete lunacy.

It seems this country and many others have become sanctuaries for lunatics.



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