Email Meant for Biden Goes to President of France


WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama has outdone his own dismal foreign relations record after sending an email meant for Vice-President Joe Biden to the President of France, Francois Hollande.


The President's latest diplomatic bungle is likely the most damaging of his career.


After calling Hollande a “doofus,” the President told France’s leader “you’ve put your foot in your mouth one time too many.” Meanwhile, France has decided to withdraw from negotiation of the Transatlantic Free Trade Area agreement.


“Everybody here is embarrassed to even be seen with you,” the President said. “You are beginning to put Washington to shame just because when people think of our leaders, they think of our association to you. You’ve made yourself famous for stupidity. I wish I had never seen your ugly, smirking face.”


Hollande has publicized his intentions to cease all diplomatic relations with the United States and is considering stiff sanctions as well. France is contemplating a controversial United Nations move, either “calling for Obama’s resignation” or “leaving this American organization altogether.”


President Obama continued, “America is getting really tired of you. I think most of us are almost ready to have nothing to do with you, especially after today’s comment … sometimes I get so mad at you that I want to tell you to resign.”


Although his recent Syrian warmongering caused only a relatively small stir, the President’s latest email is now hailed as the “stupidest diplomatic move of the century” and has been nominated for a Nobel Strife Prize. The Neville Chamberlain Foundation is also expected to honor the President with the James E. Carter United States Foreign Relations Award












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