Guns And Sandwiches

If guns kill people, people must be salami.

People say guns kill people. So if I eat salami, does that make me a sandwich?

guns and sandwichesThe more I see, there is more on television that promotes violence, sexual immorality, drug use, child abuse, rape, abortion, and murder. Television sometimes affects viewers more than real-life encounters do. Is it because of us Christians?

On T.V. , They make us out as the bad “cult” religion. That makes me furious, especially when I am trying to teach in a world where T.V and rumors about the christian faith portray us as oppressive cultists. Far from it.

When the top topic is”Who can make the bloodiest, goriest, most sexually provocative movie?” Guns allow me to protect myself and family from society’s way of thinking. It helps me try and stop the world from affecting my family.

If you really want to be technical (which many people don’t like), how many Christian shooters have shot up a school?

None. I have not seen a Christian on this entire world that has killed an innocent.

Some television centers I know demote the act of praying in the name of Christ, but they in a heartbeat can promote gay marriage, terrorism, and abortion! When I hear something about a Christian owning a gun , I smile. I smile for the simple fact that I know where it is going to be held, what it is being used for, and why.

There is a big difference between a fanatic with a gun and a Christian protecting Himself/Herself from those fanatics. When lawmakers refused to reverse the ban on prayer from school, do you know what I did? I prayed. When people bring sin into television broadcasting, do you know what I did ? I turned it off.

When a Christian buys a gun, do you know what I do? I let them. In Proverbs 27:19 it says “As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.”When someone has a gun, I don’t look at the contents of the weapon, I look at the contents of the soul. The soul has the greatest quality of a person and all you have to do is look. A gun doesn’t kill a person. neither does the bullet. It is the person who pulled the trigger, and lingers underneath.

Bulletproof vest, or Jesus Christ?

I believe in guns and religion but I would never own one, I need none. I watched a movie called Revelation Road, (Side note : If you haven’t watched it ,you should!), David A.R. White came into a store trying to sell a bulletproof vest. The store clerk said ” I don’t need one, now you tell me would you take rest on a thin plate of metal or Jesus Christ?” David stood there naming the characteristics on the vest, and as he spoke he was interrupted. “There is no reason why this flimsy metal can withstand the power of God!” And that is what we should do, we shouldn’t rely on guns, because we have the greatest weapon of all! And that is Jesus Christ .

I have been planning a trip to Uganda, and my eight friends and I will be leaving to Africa. My little brother (who is 14) told me ” You are going to die if you go to Uganda without a gun,” I laughed at that. I know that if I die, I did it doing what I loved and possibly saving someone. It is not the fact of being afraid of dying, it is failing a mission of God that scares me. I told Him “I am a peacemaker, I am here to show love and kindness to all my brothers!”

In Matthew 25:40 it says “And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, what you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.'” When you treat other people with love, you treat Jesus with it as well. I don’t need a gun because preaching requires two things, your Bible and your voice. That’s all. To my audience that listens to my preaching, never choose a gun over an opportunity to preach. A gun cannot withstand the power of God!

I am not saying to start preaching to a guy with a gun at your head, but in some cases it actually works. In Georgia, A gospel song saved a 10-year-old Atlanta boy from his kidnapper. Willie Myrick said he was in his front yard and bent down to pick up money when somebody grabbed him and threw him in a car.“He told me he didn’t want to hear a word from me,” Myrick said. That’s when Myrick began to sing a gospel song called “Every Praise.” The kidnapper started cursing and repeatedly told Myrick to shut up, but he wouldn’t. He sang the song for about three hours until the kidnapper let him out of the car.

Now are you a sandwich ? I know I am not. SO what would you put rest in ? A bulletproof vest, or Jesus? Keep in mind: the bulletproof is not reliable all the time, and in close range it never works at all. SO is it the vest? Or Christ?

Because a gun doesn’t kill people, it is the person with the gun that does. Are you a sandwich?

P.S. Thanks for listening,and I hope you guys what I got so far.Thank you and God Bless.

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