Never Alone

Never alone

There are times in our lives when we think ” Where is God? Where is His Love?Are you still there?” And that is the point I want to work with today! We view the Good and thank Him for only the Good, than we turn our backs on Him the moment something bad occurs.The Devil wants to test your faith in God, He sees the unanswered questions and lingers doubt inside. And with those hidden agendas in Evil’s mind,we are blinded by the good God gives us and the Bad. God brings the love in an everyday World, and because God is omnipresent–He is here, there, and everywhere all at the same time–He can share His love to people in the Past, Present, and the Future.

Where is God?

The main conflict we face with in life is “Where is God?”, and at most times most Christians lose faith in God because we don’t feel He is there. BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE! Even before you were born God expected you in His Kingdom, when we ate the apple in Genesis 3:7, “Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.”

God had given us a test we blamed on the Devil and on Adam and Eve, but it was also a trial for a bigger purpose.When we ate the Apple we began to see the world and become ashamed, but we also had the ability of free will! The ability to choose God or–shun Him.

And to those who have accepted Christ as your Savior, He has blessed our Hands to do Greater Works than HIM! In John 14:12 it says “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”This tells that you will be able to do all things Jesus did, but greater when you do it in His name. God gave us the gift to evangelize people in His name, and that is one thing God smiles at everyday.

He gets to welcome people who willingly choose Him. And that is a brilliantly hidden gift we never saw. And as for the well being of God I must inform you that He is here. God is in every single one of us, whether we choose to see Him or not. He is in every Brother and Sister in Christ and is spreading everyday against the ongoing battle of a new Revelation!

God is a small light in every one of us and shines from every small stone in the world. God said in a Bible verse (I am not yet familiar with it) said “If all people turned away from me then the rocks will sing my praise!” And that is the power of Christ and when we become one body of God we begin to spread His word in every situation on the planet! God is here to stay in every piece of us and when you pray to Him. He listens. Everyday He makes sure that you have a truly Blessed day with many opportunities affront to show you that you are never alone. (And for the people who have bad days keep reading for more teaching.)

Where is His Love?
We are always going to be conflicted by the question ‘Where is His Love?’, from what we see on a daily basis in the news of school shootings, storms, mass panics,  earthquakes, murders, suicides, bombings, hurricanes, and volcanoes we see the pain of this world all the time. So where is the love ? In Psalms 13:5 it says ” Though I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in you salvation.” Everybody takes solace in the place of horror,but they fail to acknowledge the beauty of God’s UNFAILING love! We see the pain but where is the Amazing Grace I hear so much about? If you truly believe in God and you know that He is King of Kings then you can be patient and see His miracles unfold. In a couple of examples as followed by this year! These are true stories.
“Hours before the bank foreclosed on Granview Baptist Church in Morganton, North Carolina, an anonymous person paid off $345,000,a huge portion of the church’s loan.”
“Ruth Graham – daughter of Dr. Billy Graham – Some years ago after an outdoor church picnic, our pastor’s wife discovered the diamond from her engagement ring was missing. It had fallen out. Where? When? It was anybody’s guess. We paused to pray and ask for God to help us locate the small diamond. I am afraid none of us had much faith that we would ever find it. Everyone stopped what they were doing and began to look. We went through the grass, the garbage, the sink, cooking pots — everything — with a fine-tooth comb. We did it all again the next day. To no avail. The small diamond was gone. We carried on with the week. It rained. The grass was mowed. But we kept an eye out – just in case. A week later my daughter was playing and spied something sparkling in the grass. She thought it was a rhinestone from her baby doll’s outfit, but she looked a bit closer, picked it up from the grass and dirt. It didn’t look like anything from her baby doll. She brought it inside to ask what I thought. It was the lost diamond!”

DO you see yet? We see the bad in all the world yet we can’t even see the ‘diamond in the grass’ in our lives. God gives us miracles every day, and in those miracles hides His infinite love. He is always here to show the love we’ve missed all along ! God gives us the ability to create new life and new beauty so that His love can be spread, (Another Gift), He has blessed upon us numerous of gifts like singing, music, loving, running, driving, jumping, and so much more.
In the Book of Job, God let Satan test Job’s faith by taking everything Job held dear! He continuously was tested and in every situation, He humbly fell to His knees in worship! And that is the type of love we should show every day.

Long story short, Job got rewarded for His turmoil and got His to see the beauty and love God can bestow in all of us .

Are you still there?

The problem with many people in Christ is the feeling like nobody is listening,and sometimes you have that message in your head always lingering around “ARE YOU STILL THERE?”, that question is always reverberating in your head and amazingly this message is heard not only in your mind, but also on T.V. , the new way of entertainment is a way of downing God and pushing away His existence.

The messages people spread are always dissing and throwing the reasons God is not here, but they forget that even if we all doubt God’s existence, the rocks will sing God’s praise . The message in the Bible will always contradict the ways of today because people in this new world push the word from the world.

God is here but people are pushing Him away at every point. God is alive! And on my recent thought I said that “God lives inside of you!” and He does. He is hearing our praise in every crack and crevice in the Earth! You are the light that proves God is still here. Every day you sing His praise is another day that proves that He is alive, and is showing that daily and in every situation we are never alone!

P.S . : I hope you guys enjoy my first blog and column and I send you love and blessings in Jesus’ name, Amen!

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